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Learning As You Go 1.4.1 -- Kyle XY 
5th-Aug-2006 04:04 pm
[Title] Learning as You Go 1.4
[Author] Ian Anon
[Email] ian-anon@...
[Website] physixxx.livejournal.com
[Permission to archive] Contact me and let me know, please.
[Fandom] Kyle XY
[Genre] Slash
[Pairing/Characters] Kyle/Josh Trager
[Rating] NC-17/Adult
[Summary] After The Incident at the pool, Josh shows Kyle how to... handle the problem.
[Warnings] None
[Spoilers] Up until Episode #4
[Notes] The convention I’m using numbering these ficlets mimic that of most torrent sites’ labeling system for episodic television. 1.4.1 means that this is basically canon from season 1, episode 4 and is the first story.  This will come in handy when certain episodes inspire more than one slashy moment.  IE. Episode 6 has three slashy moments that I'll be writing about.  So, they will be numbered 1.6.1, 1.6.2, and 1.6.3.  Fics will be numbered in order, but they may not be posted in order.  The scenes from 1.6 may be posted before the one from 1.5, depending.
[Beta]diclair & Lisa B.

Kyle followed Josh into his room.  As soon as they crossed the threshold, Josh closed the door behind them, leaning against it and wearing his signature devilish grin.

“Ok, look,” he began.  “I’ve been on the other side of that talk.  It ain’t pretty.”  He pushed away from the door and walked to his bed. 

“He said when it happens in front of people, I should think of something I don’t like,” Kyle admitted, following Josh with his eyes as the younger boy knelt down beside his bed, reaching under it. 

“Totally,” Josh agreed.  From under the bed, he pulled out a box.  Kyle remembered what was in that box from past experience.  “I usually go with... zits and old people.  You?”

“Grapefruit,” Kyle answered.. 

It felt weird to Kyle, now that his bed was no longer in the room.  Even though he had little success in actually falling asleep here, it was the place where he first laid his head – it deserved a place in his heart, no matter how small.

Josh stopped a moment, pondering Kyle’s choice in distraction before nodding his approval.  “Hrmm.”

Josh stood and walked, with his usual swagger, to the other side of his bed closer to Kyle.  He sat and placed the box on his lap, lifting its lid as he continued, “You should know there are other ways to handle our... little problem.”  He reached in the container and pulled out two magazines, one with the title Playpen on the cover.  A scantily-dressed woman stared wantonly at Kyle from its pages. 

“Charlotte?” Kyle asked, slightly confused – and excited.

Josh seemed almost offended by the suggestion. 

“No, Charlotte’s mine, dude – you are not ready for Charlotte.”  Instead, he pulled the second magazine out from behind the first.  It was another Playpen, although this one had an even more seductive female gracing the cover.

“Meet Ginger,” Josh continued, as if introducing Kyle to a long-time companion.

He handed Kyle the magazine with a glint in his eye and his characteristic smirk.  Kyle had long figured out that expressions told as much -- if not more than -- words when it came to people.  However telling it may have been, Josh's countenance revealed little in the way of what Kyle was supposed to do exactly. 

Opening the pages of the glossy, Kyle found, peppered among actual text, pictures of females in various degrees of dress.  Some of the women were without clothes altogether, save for an occasional material around their ankles and shoes that seemed far too uncomfortable to be worn on a daily basis.  Kyle was entranced by the shoes, which forced the shape of their feet to arch in a manner that made his mouth salivate, as if it were time to eat.  Kyle’s eyes bulged as he looked through the publication’s contents. Undoubtedly he had met Ginger in all her naked glory. How was the magazine going to help him stop from having another ‘incident’ when seeing Ginger – and the other women in the magazine – threatened to bring on a repeat performance of said ‘incident’.

At that moment, all of Josh’s innate machismo – farce though it was – drained from him.  He watched Kyle’s exploration with a fascination that confused but excited him.  His throat grew tighter and his lips, drier; even as he tried to moisten them with his tongue.  Kyle looked so innocent to Josh, it was hard to believe he was an alien.  Aliens were supposed to be horrible, flesh-eating monsters.  Kyle had little affinity for flesh (which Josh could see) and he certainly wasn’t monstrous.  In fact, if Josh could be honest with himself, he’d admit that he thought Kyle... beautiful, if guys were allowed to be beautiful, that is.  In the very least, he certainly wished he could look like Kyle, think like Kyle, be like Kyle.  Aside from not knowing much of the real world around them, which lead to some rather embarrassing moments (a la the poolside earlier), Kyle was perfect.

Kyle felt a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach as he turned the page, revealing even more women lying on couches and beds or on the kitchen floor, in positions that certainly couldn't have been pleasant, no matter how pleasant it made him feel.  He remembered the front of his pants tingling once before, in the Juvenile Facility he was in before he met the Tragers.  That time, the tingle meant that he had to relieve himself and the resulting incident made the others laugh at him.  This feeling, while similar, was quite different. 

Despite the sudden heat in the room, Kyle found himself in another quandary.  Yet again, he was expected to do something -- feel something.  But what? 

Josh stretched out on his bed, hands behind his head, watching his maybe-alien, surrogate brother peruse the magazine.  His mind immediately snapped back to a memory of Kyle, wet and soapy in the tub, smiling as though he hadn't a care in the world.  'Well, he didn't' Josh thought, 'because this ain't really his world, is it?'  Nevertheless, Kyle certainly looked human:  same kind of face; two eyes that may be bluer than normal, but normal nonetheless; two lips that smiled way too much to be a native of this planet; a neck that curved just perfectly into shoulders broad enough to carry the weight of the world on them; a chest with two soft-pink nipples. 

Josh hadn't realized that his eyes were roaming over Kyle's body, nor did he realize that Kyle was staring back at him.  Hoping this alien couldn't read minds, Josh coughed uncomfortably and jerked his attention elsewhere.  He expected to hear a whirl of insults, like when his best school friends thought they caught him staring at them in the school shower (which, of course, he had been).  Instead, the room was silent. 

Nervous, Josh made eye contact with Kyle once more, half expecting to see accusation in those beautiful blue eyes.  Instead, he found what could only be interpreted as bewilderment.  Kyle's eyebrows knitted in an upward arch, his mouth slightly agape.  He almost looked like a lost puppy or a confused child.  Despite that, Josh thought, Kyle still looked beautiful.  He wished he could look so beautiful.

"What's wrong?" Josh asked, a catch in his voice.

"I... I..." Kyle began biting his lip.  "I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

How could he not, Josh thought. 

"Oh, that's right," he said aloud, shaking the confusion from his mind. "Alien."


"Nothing."  Josh sat upright and reached for the Playpen in Kyle's lap.  His fingers grazed along the crotch of Kyle's jeans as he did so.  His stomach lurched when he felt the unmistakable stiffness of the other boy's erection.  Josh cleared his throat. 

"Okay, this is what you do," Josh began as he flipped the magazine.  Finding a page to his liking, he toed off his shoes and laid down on his bed, holding the Playpen in one hand and fumbling with his jeans zipper with the other. 

Kyle's head tilted just a hair as he watched Josh reach into his unzipped pants and pull out a part of him that, like Kyle's, had grown rigid.  He watched Josh's fingers wrap around his shaft as his hand moved up and down.  Josh went slow at first, occasionally closing his eyes and moaning softly.  Kyle assumed that whatever Josh was doing, it was making him feel good. 

With his gaze locked on the boy in the bed next to him, Kyle stretched out on his bed.  He lifted his ass off the bed long enough to pull down his jeans and underwear in one swift motion.  He, too, was hard and rigid like Josh; but he noticed that, as hard as he was looking at the women in the magazine, he was even harder watching Josh touch himself.  Kyle looked down at his own cock, swelled to its fullest with the head poking out of its protective skin.  A thick syrupy liquid oozed from the tip; even more came out when Kyle wrapped his hand around the base of his prick and squeezed.  He couldn't help the gasp that escaped his mouth when he first touched himself.  It felt amazing, more than amazing.  It felt better than the first time he ate, or urinated, or even the first time he thought of the Tragers' home as his home.  Every muscle in his body tensed and Kyle couldn't stop a smile from stretching over his full lips.  The room seemed hotter than he remembered, but that was okay -- because it felt as though it were supposed to be that way.

Naturally, Kyle took everything in. He noticed his dick was straight, almost like a perfect line. Josh's however, seemed to curve up into his hand and his balls, unlike Kyle's, were completely smooth and hairless. Even the hair around Josh's cock was finer than Kyle's -- and not to mention blonder than the hair on his head, which Kyle found amusing.

Josh had long since set the magazine down beside him, no longer needing it as a catalyst for his wanking.  His eyes closed, but he thought -- or hoped -- that Kyle was watching him, and that was exciting in and of itself.  Normally, masturbation was something that was private for Josh.  As he jerked himself with long strokes, he felt the thrill associated with letting someone in on his dirty little secret.  He arched his back as his free hand cupped his nut sack, rubbing the smooth skin underneath.  His finger inched further down along his taint.  Josh so wanted to explore That Area, but felt it too extreme, given the circumstances.  That, he thought, would be something for him alone to investigate on his own, when there were no prying eyes or ears around.

Josh's pumping grew in intensity.  Before he knew it, he felt two hands on his cock.  He sucked air through his teeth and stopped touching himself.  So did the second hand.  Josh opened his eyes quickly in time to see Kyle jerk his hand away from Josh's cock, eyes wide with fear.

"Whau--?" Josh mumbled.

"I'm sorry, Josh!  Did... did I hurt you?  I didn't mean it." Kyle asked hastily.  "Yours just looked so... so different from mine."

Realization struck Josh like a brick wall.  Kyle had just touched his dick -- and fuckin' hell, did it feel good.

"N-no.  Not at all.  It... it felt good."

Kyle looked worried, but his hand crept back towards Josh's raging hard cock.  His fingers wrapped themselves firmly around the other boy's prick.  Josh's eyes closed as he let out a moan, responding to Kyle's stroking.  Kyle attempted to continue handling his own dick while jerking off Josh, but found it hard to maintain any kind of rhythm.  Josh could feel the awkwardness and sat up, his face just a couple inches from Kyle's.  They were so close, he could feel Kyle's hot breath, which made his cock flex harder. 

Josh looked down along Kyle's slender frame, paying close attention to the pudge of baby fat at the bottom of his stomach. Kyle looked worried, still, even though he continued to massage his dick, which hadn't gone limp in the slightest. Josh flipped his legs over the side of his bed and stood, kicking off his jeans. Kyle continued to look on, not quite knowing what to do.

"Well?" Josh asked, giving him a look.

Quickly, he stood, allowing his pants to slide down around his ankles. He stepped out of the bunched jeans, hand still playing with his dick. Kyle's eyes roamed over Josh's body, noting how hard the boy's nipples were and how decidedly brown they were, unlike his own pink ones. It didn't escape him that Josh had a belly button, whereas his stomach as flat and devoid of the small dimple. Kyle's other hand roamed over his lower abdomen. He never wanted to have anything more than he wanted a navel -- it was something that constantly reminded him how different he was. His hand reached out to touch Josh. Kyle smiled when his finger brushed against Josh's smooth skin, tracing down his budding trail of hair that made its way around the dimple and to the thatch of hair around his prick. He stuck his finger in Josh's belly button, causing the boy to giggle profusely.

Josh couldn't tear his gaze from Kyle's cock, except when he looked at his own and compared the two. There was a large vein along the top length of Kyle's shaft, pulsing and slightly green. But it was his foreskin that caught his eye. It seemed to make Kyle's cock look bigger, thicker, and fuller than his own -- or maybe Kyle's dick simply was bigger, thicker, and fuller? Josh took notice of his own prick, with its red, bulbous head, and wondered why his was so thin compared to Kyle's. Quickly, he shook the depreciative thoughts from his mind and sat on his bed, cross-legged.

"Here, sit in front of me," Josh said, spreading his legs and patting the space between them. 

Kyle climbed on the bed with Josh's legs on either side of him.  He didn't know exactly what to do with his own legs until Josh grabbed his thighs and maneuvered his calves over Josh's thighs.  They sat face-to-face with their cocks and chest close.  Josh scooted closer and took the other boy's cock in his hand, giving it a squeeze.  Kyle's eyes widened in response and a chuckle slipped out. 

"Don't laugh," Josh said, defensively.

"No...I  just... it felt good when I did it, but it feels really good when... when you do it," Kyle admitted, looking down at his cock being handled.

"Well, I'm not gonna do all the work," Josh said with another smirk. 

This time, Kyle understood what Josh was trying to say.  He reached between them and wrapped his hand around Josh's cock.  He took in the feeling of his warm skin and how Josh's dick would get harder momentarily.  Naturally, Kyle's mind tried to establish a pattern, a sequential pattern that he could use to predict the next instance.  But there was none.  Although he noticed that the intervals between grew shorter and shorter, he still couldn't place any sort of mathematical equation to it.  He found that he liked its spontaneity. 

As Josh's breathing grew faster and harder, so too did his pumping of Kyle's cock.  Josh reached up with his free arm and rested it on Kyle's shoulder.  In true Kyle fashion, he mimicked the action.  He tried to understand why Josh did this, but soon found that his thoughts became much like quicksilver.  Any theory that he could come up with would slip from his mind as quickly as he'd thought of them.  More to the point, Kyle found that he didn't care about the whys or the what-fors.  The only thing that mattered was the pleasure of Josh's stroking his cock and the pleasure he was giving Josh. 

Suddenly, Josh grabbed the back of Kyle's head in a tight grip and pulled him closer, arching into Kyle's body.  They buried their faces in the crook of each other's neck, allowing their breaths to dance across skin that was beginning to moisten with perspiration.  Josh's pumping grew erratic and he gripped Kyle's cock even tighter than before. His mouth was open as though he was trying to say something, but simply couldn't manage to find the words. Kyle understood, for he, too found it difficult to think or speak or even breathe. Instead, he panted into Josh's neck, eventually managing to bring his lips down on the younger boy's sweaty skin. As he did this, Josh groaned and his cock began to jerk in rapid succession.

Kyle continued to pump Josh's meat and soon felt something hot and thick splatter on his stomach and hand, he quickly looked down and saw the remainder of Josh's orgasm, spraying his chest with a viscid substance. Josh's grip on the back of Kyle's head tightened and he let out a whimper that Kyle couldn't tell if it were pleasure or pain.

"Oh, shit, Kyle," Josh panted in Kyle's ear.

That was all it took. Within seconds, every nerve in Kyle's body seemed to shudder with hot electricity and his cock pulsed and jerked in Josh's grip. He looked down and saw his own cock spitting that same ropy, white liquid. Kyle found it hard to breathe. He gripped Josh's shoulder tightly as his vision became obscured with white spots that danced around and his hearing became muffled, as though his ears were getting clogged or he was rapidly climbing high in elevation. Josh's jerking became slower and softer, the quick, furious pounding giving way to long, luxurious strokes.

As Kyle's senses came back into focus, Josh pulled his hand away and looked at his cum-drenched fingers. He began tracing along his chest and stomach, playing in the sperm that had sprayed on him.

"That was..." Kyle couldn't find the words to describe what had just happened.

"Yeah," Josh conceded, laying on his back yet still playing with the cum. "Kinda messy though. I forgot to get a towel."

Kyle's eyes fluttered and a smile stretch across his lips. He looked sated, relaxed, and oddly happy, almost as though he were drunk or stoned. A questioned formed in his mind. He looked at Josh only to find the boy staring at him, still.

"What else can this do?" Kyle asked, pointing to Josh's softening cock.

Josh gave Kyle a smirk.

"You'll find out soon enough."
6th-Aug-2006 02:41 am (UTC)
oh..wow that was so good...please continue with Kyle's lessions!
6th-Aug-2006 03:09 am (UTC)
thank you... oh, the education of one Kyle XY will continue, indeed.

glad you liked it.
6th-Aug-2006 03:27 am (UTC) - IAN!!!
This was so good. Like I felt like I was there. Like this just was. . . . wow. I love the part of Kyle's confusion. You stayed true to the story, but added your own spin. At first I thought it was going to be some dirty story of incest. . . no offense, but it turned out to be a story to which I could actually see in the show. SO AMAZING. Wow!
6th-Aug-2006 05:39 am (UTC) - Re: IAN!!!
wow... thank you very much for the kind words!! i hope you like the others just as much. :)
6th-Aug-2006 04:04 pm (UTC)
Wow. You did a great job keeping them in character through all that... well done. Um... and did I mention hot? Yeah. ;-)
7th-Aug-2006 01:46 am (UTC)
Thank you very much. The TV Show is probably the easiest thing to slash since Iceman/Pyro in X:2. I mean, the producers leave it wide open!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

20th-Aug-2006 02:11 am (UTC)
This was fantastic. Thanks!
20th-Aug-2006 01:21 pm (UTC)
you're quite welcomed.

8th-Aug-2007 08:29 pm (UTC)
Delightful! Thanks for sharing. =D

That was an especially nice touch, having Kyle try to mentally calculate/predict.
25th-Mar-2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
I adore this.

did you write other lessons after it? I want to read them *__*
14th-Apr-2008 10:05 am (UTC)

*my brain just melt*
22nd-Jan-2009 02:31 am (UTC) - Wow
Wow that was so amazing and true to character...are you ever going to write anymore Kyle XY fics??
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